Trash and Recycling Update

This week has been challenging in terms of curbside household trash and recycling pick up on certain routes within the Maggie Valley Country Club and other areas. Town Staff began to receive calls and emails from residents regarding missed stops on Monday and have been working continuously with the Town’s contracted service provider Consolidated Waste Services (CWS) to remedy these reported problems. Unfortunately, there are some residential customers that still have not had their curbside trash and recycling picked up for the week. The Town and CWS recognize this is a problem and have a plan in place to ensure a more efficient and effective pick up process starting on Monday October 22.

To help make this process work, please make sure your brown can (household trash) is out by 7AM on Monday morning and your blue can (recycling) is out by 7AM on Tuesday morning. Not only is this action required by the Town’s Solid Waste Ordinance, but as routes evolve ensures your trash and recycling is picked up on its scheduled day.

If you have your brown can out by 7AM on Monday and your blue can out by 7AM on Tuesday and your stop is still missed please let us know as soon as possible- the quicker Town Staff is aware of the problem the quicker we can work with CWS to resolve it in a timely manner. However, if you fail to place your brown or blue can out by 7AM and your pick up does not occur you will not be considered a missed stop and will have to wait to the following week for curbside pick-up service.

Finally, for those who have encountered curbside pick-up problems this week, thank you for your patience and understanding as Town Staff vigorously attempts to resolve these collection problems with CWS. We know this valuable town provided service is one you depend on weekly and if it is not performing properly, substantially impacts your daily life.