Document Center

As complete governmental transparency is one of the Town’s key aspirations, this page is dedicated to providing records of current and archived Town documents.  If there is something further that you would like to see or get information about, please contact the office of the Town Clerk at (828) 926-0866 extension 105.

Board Minutes

Since the Town’s incorporation, the office of the Town Clerk has worked to keep a detailed report of all government proceedings by archiving both agendas (the detailed schedule of a meeting) and minutes (a written report of what occurred in a meeting). Please visit this page to access the Town’s Board minutes.

Budgets and Audits

Another key goal of the Town of Maggie Valley is being an exceptional steward of all tax monies collected. Each year the Town Manager creates and presents a complete written budget for the entire fiscal year to the Board of Alderman for adoption. Please use this page in order to find the budget for this fiscal year, as well as an archive of past adopted budget documents.

Forms and Applications

In order to streamline application processes within the Town government, forms that are required may be accessed on this page.


On this page, documents pertaining to Town projects may be found.

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