Town Services

Solid Waste Collection

Check our Trash and Recycling schedule here.  All residents living within the Town’s corporate limits, receive solid waste collection including trash and recycling pick-up, on a regular weekly schedule.  Our Additional “Call-as-Needed” services are Yard Waste, White Goods and E-Waste pick-up. Please call (828-926-0866 x117) or contact our office to schedule these.

Event Venues

In 2003, the Town opened the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds, to provide a space for large events to occur within the community and to attract more visitors to the valley. Since its opening, the grounds have been the host of great events, with new and diverse ones coming to Town every year. Please visit the Festival Grounds Page for more information on this venue.

In addition to the Festival Grounds, the Town also rents out the Town Hall Pavilion to private individuals and parties as a smaller and less costly event space.

Fire Services

The Maggie Valley Volunteer Fire Department has been providing the community with excellent fire protection since 1959. Please visit this page for more information.

Building Inspections

As of 2010, the Town of Maggie Valley no longer conducts building inspections. In a effort to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible rate, the Town utilizes the Haywood County Building Inspections Department  at 828/452-6638 to carry out building inspections.

Parks and Greenways

As can easily be seen while driving down Soco Road, natural beauty is abundant in our Town! It is for this reason that the Town has made it a priority to showcase and protect areas of beauty within the town. To learn more about the Town’s Parks and Greenways network, please visit this page.

Planning and Zoning

While the Town recognizes the community benefits of both residential and commercial growth, it is imperative that such developments occur in a responsible manner. The Town Planner enforces Land Use and Zoning Codes, in order to insure sustainable growth within the valley.

Public Safety

Since 1976, the Maggie Valley Police Department has been committed to insuring the safety of our Town and community. Please visit this page to access the official Maggie Valley Police Department Page.

Street Maintenance

Throughout the year, the Public Works Department services and maintains all publicly dedicated streets within the valley.  Please visit this page to learn more.

The Town of Maggie Valley offers this website to inform our residents, businesses and visitors of local jurisdiction and governance. Choose an option to explore each category of administration.

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The Town of Maggie Valley shares in a rich mountain tradition of yearly festivals, beautiful scenery and mountains that surround you for miles.

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