The Board of Aldermen

Mayor – Mike Eveland

Mayor Pro Tem – Jim Owens

Alderman – John Hinton

Alderman – Tammy Wight

Alderman – Phillip Wight

Town Attorney – Craig D Justus

Town Staff at 3987 Soco Road, Maggie Valley NC  28751

Town Manager – Vickie Best
828-926-0866 ext 102

Town Clerk – Kathy Johnson
828-926-0866 ext 105

Finance Director – Tasha Gubernath
828-926-0866 ext 101

Executive Assistant – Leslie M. Boyd
828-926-0866 ext 117

Director of Public Works – Mike Mehaffey
828-926-0866 ext 102

Town Planner – Sam Cullen, CZO
828-926-0866 ext 103

Assistant Town Planner – Noah Taylor
828-926-0866 ext 104

In Case Of Emergency,

Always Dial 911!

Police Dept @ 61 Summit Drive, Maggie Valley NC  28751  828/926-0867

Police Chief – Matt Boger

Other Governmental Agencies

Maggie Valley Fire Department (for Burning Permits)
2925 Soco Road, Maggie Valley NC / 828-926-0948

Maggie Valley Sanitary District (Water Department)
122 Rich Cove Road, Maggie Valley NC / 828-926-0145

Maggie Valley Post Office
4280 Soco Road, Maggie Valley NC / 828-926-0679

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