Trash and Recycling Update

The Town Staff has been informed of a truck/driver shortage with the Town’s contracted service provider Consolidated Waste Services (CWS).  The entire Maggie Valley route is being run by one truck and driver today, rather than two.  Their crew is working hard to get your garbage picked up.  They will continue to work the rest of today and may still be picking up garbage tomorrow along with recycling.  The Town and CWS recognize this is a problem.

Please make sure your brown toter remains out at the curb if your trash has not been collected.  Your blue can (recycling) should also be out by 7AM on Tuesday morning.

Finally, for those who have encountered curbside pick-up problems today, thank you for your patience and understanding. We know this valuable town provided service is one you depend on weekly and if it is not performing properly, substantially impacts your daily life.