Read Revised Proposed FY 20/21 Budget Ordinance 921 here.

At the June 2, 2020 Board of Aldermen Budget Work Session I ; the Town Board asked that these modifications be made to the budget prior to hosting the Public Hearing on June 2, 2020 at 6:30 PM. Those wishing to comment on the proposed budget may do so in person or provide written comments submitted to the Town Clerk at

The proposed FY20-21 Budget presented on May 19, 2020 did not recommend any type of fee increases. Based upon conversation held at this meeting and the Budget Work Session I; the revised proposed FY20-21 will include a $1 per month increase to the solid waste fee; the current fee is $5 monthly, the proposed FY20-21 fee will be $6. This slight increase allows the Town of Maggie Valley to capture approximately 60% of its solid waste costs through fee collection. Our fee will remain the lowest among Haywood County Municipalities at $6- Waynesville $9 / Clyde $10 / Canton $13.50.

The Board has also requested that $30,000 placed in their Board of Aldermen: Place Making / Economic Development Fund be removed and returned to the General Fund; this action will reduce the proposed fund balance transfer.

A minor cost revision regarding the TDA/Wayfinding is also present; the proposed budget allocated $15,000 the revised budget allocates $10,000. This reduction is based upon new cost estimates for the project and Maggie Valley’s proposed share.

With these changes/revisions the proposed FY20-21 Fund Balance Transfer is reduced from $123,968 to $72,552.

The revised changes to the  Proposed FY20-21 Budget can be observed in Ordinance #921.