Food Trucks

Maggie Valley Board of Alderman consider various options to allow Food Trucks

Maggie Valley does not currently regulate food trucks as a standalone use. Current regulations of outdoor sales allow the following:

  • Any permanent business will be permitted to have outdoor sales or displays only on their property.
  • Permanent licensed businesses may only display and/or sell merchandise offered inside their business.
  • No outside/out of town vendors will be allowed to sell or display merchandise.

Food trucks are allowed under the following exemptions:

  • Nonprofit organizations may conduct outdoor sales on any property with written consent of the property owner.
  • Events held on the Festival Grounds and other promotional events refer to the special events ordinance.
  • For-profit entertainment and convention facilities must acquire a special event permit from the Town Board of Aldermen to have outdoor sales.

The Board of Alderman is considering beginning a Pilot Program which would allow Food Trucks to operate on Public Land with additional standards. Yet to be determined are location, operating days/hours, etc. In the meantime, staff will continue to research options for potential amendments to the Code of Ordinances.

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