Mary Rathbone Rich Park

On the western side of Town, the Town’s Public Works Department along with hired contractors are working diligently in order to finish a new park in time for the warm weather this spring.

Right-of-Way Vegetation Clearance

As can be seen throughout the community, our Public Works staff is currently trimming and removing overgrown vegetation from all public street right-of-ways. This project is to insure both the safety of road users and to keep roots from large plants or trees from ruining streets and sidewalks.

LED Light Installations in Public Facilities

In order to become more energy efficient and save valuable tax dollars, the Public Works Department staff is also currently switching all light fixtures in Town Hall, the Police Department and all town buildings from traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to LED’s. LED’s both cost less to use and last much longer than traditional bulb configurations.

There are currently no ongoing projects that will affect either service delivery or transportation.