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Town Clerk’s Office

Town Clerk, Kathy Johnson

The Town Clerk’s Office serves as a direct link between citizens of the community and their government. Every town, city, village, and tribe in the world has at least one person who – by whatever title he or she is known – serves in the role of town clerk: custodian of official public records; communicator of public policy; organizer of public business; recorder of the community’s history; performer of many varied tasks that assist in the smooth operation of local governance.

The Town Clerk’s Office has the following responsibilities:

  • Attends and records official actions of all meetings of the Board of Aldermen and certain advisory boards
  • Acts as custodian of all legal documents pertaining to the Town
  • Prepares and publishes Town ordinances, resolutions and notices of public hearings, as required by law
  • Assists in preparation of the meeting agendas for Board of Aldermen and other advisory boards
  • Responds to public information requests from citizens, businesses, media and other agencies
  • Codifies the Town Code of Ordinances
  • Administers oaths of office
  • Keeper of the Town Seal, attesting all Town documents
  • Tracks and coordinates Board of Aldermen appointments to their advisory boards

Town Clerk Origin

Leeds town hallThe municipal clerk, along with the tax collector, is the oldest of public servants.  The early keeper of the archives were often called “remembrancers”, and before writing came into use, their memory was the public record.  The Office of Clerk can be traced back to the year 1272 A.D.  The title as we know it is derived from the middle ages.  A “Clerk” was any member of a religious order, a “cleric” or “clergyman.”  Since, for all practical purposes, the scholarship of the Middle Ages was limited to the clergy, the name”clerk” came to be synonymous with “scholar.”  When the early colonists came to America, they set up forms of local government to which they had been accustomed, and the office of clerk was one of the first established.  The colony at Plymouth appointed a person to act as a recorder.  Over the years, municipal clerks have become the hub of government, the direct link between the citizens of their towns and their government.  The clerk is one of the historians of the community.

Town of Maggie Valley Code of Ordinances: The official Town of Maggie Valley Code of Ordinances and Unified Development Ordinance are maintained on the internet by Municode and can be found here.

Town of Maggie Valley Document CenterReview and search the minutes of the Town Board of Aldermen, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment meetings here. Other archival documents such as past budgets, financial statements, resolutions, policies and proclamations, policies may be viewed as well.

Public Notices: The Town Clerk is responsible for issuing public notices.

Public Records: The Town of Maggie Valley has long demonstrated a strong commitment to upholding both the letter and the spirit of North Carolina’s public records laws, which include but are not limited to North Carolina General Statutes chapters 132 and 160A-168. We are focused on ensuring an open, timely, accurate and complete exchange of public information.

Reviewing a Public Record: Access a great number of Town of Maggie Valley public records at your convenience via this website by using the Search feature or browse through the Document Center above.

Certain records are destroyed after a specific amount of time, per the NC RECORDS RETENTION AND DISPOSITION SCHEDULE.


To request public information, or if you can’t find what your looking for, simply email the Town Clerk and she will attempt to fulfill your request.


Kathy Johnson 

3987 Soco Road Maggie Valley NC 28751

828-926-0866 Ext 105 

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